How To See When Your Training Expires

Trainings will show in your Assigned Learning Tile 30 days prior to expiration. 

If you want to look ahead and see when your trainings are due to expire, this guide will show you how to check your expiration dates.

ETC home page

Step 2:

Click on the Transcript Tile

Arrow pointing to Transcript tile

Step 4:

Click the Date Range drop down caret

Arrow pointing to the Date Range drop down caret

Step 5:

Select the All option

Arrow pointing to All option

Your full training history will populate

Highlight of the populated transcript history

Step 6:

Click on the Expiration Date link

Arrow pointing to the Expiration Date column

This will sort your trainings by expiration date from the most recent to furthest date

Highlight of the Expiration Date column
Highlight of the Expiration Date column emphasizing the date sorting

Note: Keep in mind, depending on the length of your transcript, you may have already 

Example Data Security expired on 11/19/22, but this user completed it on 11/28/22 making the new expiration date 11/28/23.

Highlight of the Data Security classes

Still Have Questions?

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