Electronically Signing a Document

Signer(s) will receive a request to sign a document via email

Overview of the request for signature email

Step 1:

 Click on the Review and sign button

Arrow pointing to the Review and sign button

If the sender left a message, you can click on the comment icon to see

Arrow pointing to comment icon

Step 2:

Click on the Start flag to guide you through fields to fill / sign.

Arrow pointing to Start flag

Step 3:

To sign, click in the Signature field to view signature options

Arrow pointing to Signature field

Type Signature:

This option will allow you to type your name as a signature 

Type Signature option icon

Draw Signature

This option will allow you to draw you signature using your mouse

Draw Signature option icon

Image Signature

This option will allow you to upload a image of your signature

Image Signature option icon

See more at: Uploading a Signature

Mobile Signature

This option will allow you to sign using your finger, stylus on your phone 

Mobile Signature option icon

Step 4:

Click the Apply button

Arrow pointing to Apply button

Step 6:

To submit the form, click on the Terms checkbox

Arrow pointing to Terms checkbox

Step 7:

Click on the Click to Sign button 

Arrow pointing to Click to Sign button

You will receive a confirmation notice after it has been submitted

Submittal Confirmation

Step 8: (Optional)

You can click on the download a copy link to save a copy for your records

Arrow pointing to Download a copy link