How To Run An Report

Before you begin, here are some initial tips to ensure your reports will run smoothly:

1) Clear your browsing history on Google Chrome

2) Use a separate Incognito tab

Step 1:

Start on the Employee Training Center (ETC) Dashboard

Click on the Self icon

Step 2:

Select Advanced Reporting

The screen will refresh to the Reports Repository page.

Repository page

Step 3:

Click on the folder (+) to expand it

Follow path A-D

Step 5:

Within the Fullerton folder, click on the appropriate sub folder

Step 6:

Click on the report link to run it

Step 5:

After the report populates

Click on the Export file button

Arrow pointing to Export button

Step 6:

Select the preferred file type for your report.

Tip: We recommend exporting your report as an Excel file for additional filtering capabilities.

Arrow pointing to Excel file option

The file will then show up on the Download section on the bottom of your screen.

Arrow pointing to report download on bottom of page

Step 7:

Review your report and check for accuracy.

It is also recommended to apply filters so you can sort by Requirement Status:

  • In Progress
  • Overdue = Expired, Overdue
  • Satisfied = Completed

For any questions or assistance in running reports, please contact the Employee Training Center at [email protected]