Staff Pre-Evaluation Form

The following guides provide instructions on accessing, filling out and submitting a Staff Pre-Evaluation

Upon opening the form, your Basic Information will auto-populate

Pre-Performance Evaluation Page overview

Step 1: Changing Review Period Dates (Optional)

To edit dates, click on the calendar icon

You can navigate month and year via the Month caret or Up / Down arrows

Select the appropriate date

Step 2:

Click on the Comments Tab

Navigation Bar highlighting Comments

Step 3:

Fill in the information requested by each prompt

Where applicable, you may write N/A

Overview of Comments screen

Step 4:

Click the Supporting Documents Tab

Navigation Bar highlighting Supporting Documents

Step 5: (Optional)

Click on the Attach button to upload any documentation 

Box highlighting Attach button

Documents attached should not compromise any Level 1 data

Please refer to CSU Data Classifications Level 1 2 3 PDF below for clarification on what comprises each level

Once a document has been uploaded, it will show under the Attach button

Overview of attached supporting document

Step 6:

Click on the Signature & Acknowledge button

Navigation Bar highlighting Signature & Acknowledgement

Step 7:

Check the checkbox to acknowledge the pre-evaluation accuracy

Signature & Acknowledgement checkbox

Once you check the box, your name and date will auto-populate

Signature & Acknowledgement screen overview

Step 8:

When you are ready, click the Submit button to submit the pre-evaluation

Box highlightong Submit button

Upon submitting, your manager will be notified and they will be able to review your pre-evaluation.

Need More Help?

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