Form Navigation

The following guide shows you how to navigate through various forms within HRDI Forms. 

 This guide is broken down into three areas:

  • Lower Navigation Buttons
  • Middle / Page Navigation
  • Upper Navigation Buttons 
layout of navigation buttons
Lower Navigation Buttons


The Generate PDF button will open up a PDF copy of the form

Note: Depending on the form it will be located below the tabs or directly above i

Arrow pointing to Generate PDF button


This will clear information on the current page as well as on other tabs (entire form). 

Note: Usually Reset is applicable during initial submission of the form. Once the workflow is launched, Reset button may not be used. 

Arrow pointing to Reset button


The Save button will save your progress, however it will not save any attachments

Arrow pointing to Save button


This Submit button (at the bottom of the form) will submit the form and continue the workflow of the form

Arrow pointing to Submit button
Middle / Page Navigation


To navigate through the different sections of the evaluation, click on the side tabs

Arrows pointing to tabs
Upper Navigation Buttons


This action acknowledges that you reviewed the information and are approving the form

Arrow pointing to Submit button

Submit Comments

The information entered in the Comments(Optional) field is visible only until the workflow is active

Arrow pointing to Comments(Optional) field

It is visible in 2 places as shown below:

Task Panel

Task panel

Workflow Comment Section

Workflow comment section


This action will return the form back to the preparer (for revisions, if applicable) and the workflow / signature process will start over

Arrow pointing to Reject button

Cancel Request

This action allows for the preparer to cancel the form entirely

Arrow pointing to Cancel Request button


This action allows for the optional reviewer, fund source, etc. to delegate a signature to someone else

The workflow process is predefined, as such this feature should not recommended

Arrow pointing to Delegate button

Task Details

The page will default with the Task Detail panel open

For viewing ease, you can close it by clicking on the double arrow caret

Arrow pointing to Task Page caret