How to Run a Report

These instructions cover how to access and run a report within the Employee Training Center.

Step 1:

Start on the Employee Training Center (ETC) dashboard homepage

Employee Training Center Dashboard

Step 2:

Next, click on the Self Icon located at the top left corner

Arrow pointing to Self icon

Step 3: 

Select Advanced Reporting

Arrow pointing to Advanced Reporting

Step 4: 

The screen will refresh to the Repository page

Repository page

On the left side, click on the caret icon next to the folder for CSU_PROD to expand this folder

Arrow pointing to CSU PROD Folder

Step 5: 

Click on the caret icon next to the Custom folder

Arrow pointing to Custom folder

Step 6: 

Click on the caret icon next to the Reports folder

Arrow pointing to Reports folder

Step 7:

Click on the FULLERTON folder

Arrow pointing to Fullerton folder

Step 8:

Select your department folder 

Highlight of department list

Step 9: 

Click on the report name link to run

Highlight of report

Make sure that your selection is showing as Report under the Type column

Highlight of Report Type

Note: The length of time the Loading windows shows depends on the size of your report

Loading screen

Step 10: 

If you want to export your report, click on the Export icon on the upper left side of the screen and select your preferred format

 It is recommended to use Excel if you would like to format your report further.

Arrow pointing to export icon

Note: Employees must be "Registered" to a course in order for their training status to be displayed on a report.

The report will show on the bottom download bar

Highlight of downloaded report

Step 11: 

The results will display

It is recommended to follow the additional steps for viewing ease:

  • Click Sort & Filter
  • Select Filter (to apply filters)
Excel file with data

Now you can view the information accordingly

Example: You can filter to see all employee who are Overdue

It may take up to 24 hours for a completion to be reflected in reports.