This guide explains the process and workflow that begins when you email the Employee Training Center (ETC) at [email protected].

Emailing the ETC

Emailing the ETC prompts the creation of an incident. This incident helps you and ETC track your inquiry.  

Step 1:

Create a New email message in your email client of choice

An arrow points to the Outlook New message button

Step 2:

Enter the ETC email [email protected]

An arrow points to the To field and ETC email

Step 3:

Enter a brief and concise description of your inquiry in the Subject field

An arrow points to the subject field with a short description of the inquiry

Step 4:

Enter a full description of your inquiry or issue in the email's body

An arrow points to the body of the email

Step 5:

Click Send

An arrow points to the send button

Communicating with ETC

Upon receipt, the system will auto-generate an incident and send an autoreply with the incident information.

Email byline

Thereafter, communications with the ETC should be sent using the reply function, so that your communications remain with your new incident.

ETC autoreply email