How To Verify a User's Completion

This guide covers how to verify an individual's completion of a course through their Transcript. 

Step 1:

Log in to and start on the Employee Training Center dashboard homepage

ETC Dashboard

Step 2:

Locate the search bar in the top right corner

Search page

Step 3:

Click the dropdown menu and select People

Search page dropdown menu

Step 4:

Type the name of the user you want to verify a completion for

It is recommended to search by Fullerton email as people may go by different names than they have of official documents.

Highlighted search field

Step 5:

Search results will populate on a new page

Click on the vertical ellipsis next to the Preview button

Arrow pointing to elipses icon

Step 6:

Select Training Transcript

Arrow pointing to Training Transcript option

The page will refresh to the user's Training Transcript 

Overview of Training Transcript

Use the scroll bar to see additional trainings

Arrow pointing to scroll bar

Step 7: (Optional)

Click the Date Range caret to see additional history (if it is not shown in the initial screen)

Arrow pointing to Date Range caret

Select All, or a specific year 

Arrow pointing to Date Range selection options

The Transcript will refresh according to your Date Range selection

Overview of Training Transcript