MPP Completing Self Evaluation Form

Completing the Self Evaluation Form

After clicking on MPP Employee Self Evaluation, the form will be populated with the employee's information and employment details 

Overview of the Employee Information screen

Step 1: Employee Information

The Review Period From and To fields are editable

Box highlighting the Review Period From and To fields

To edit, click in the date field and edit appropriately

Box highlighting the Review Period From and To fields

Step 2: Supporting Statements

Enter supporting statements for each of the prompts

Highlight of the Supporting Statement fields

You will have an option of entering additional comments

Highlight of the Additional comments field

Step 3: Supporting Documents

Click on  the Attach button to attach any supporting documents (if any)

PDF format is preferred

Arrow pointing to Attach button

The document name will show after successful upload

Arrow pointing to uploaded document

To delete / remove an attachment

Click on the 'X' that coordinates to the document you want to remove

Arrow pointing to X delete

Step 4: Signature & Acknowledgement

Check the Acknowledgement checkbox

Arrow pointing to Affirm checkbox

Upon checking the box, your name and date will auto-fill

Auto-fill after Affirm checkbox is checked

Step 5: Signature & Acknowledgment

Click the Submit button

Arrow pointing to Submit button


Upon successful submission, you will received a confirmation message

Submittal confirmation screen


A PDF attachment will be sent to the:

  1. Manager
  2. Employee (CC'd)
Confirmation email

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