Campus Health and Safety (CHS)

This guide covers tips and topics related to CSUF's Campus Health and Safety (also referred to as CHS)

Before you start

For successful completion of online training, it is recommended to: 

  1. Use the Chrome browser
  2. Clear your Cache and Cookies
  3. Leave your training windows open during training

Please see the Online Training Tips and Recommendations guide for additional instructions on the ETC Training Website

Note: Campus Health and Safety is required to be completed every 5 years

Taking the training

If you have completed the training before, you may be presented with the following option

Please read and select the appropriate option

Retake Review slide

Retake: is the option that will track your completion


There is a required quiz in the training

You will need to pass with an 80% or better to pass this training

Quiz slide

Last Slide

Once you reach the final slide you are at the end of the training 

Last slide


Click the X to close the training 

Arrow pointing to close screen button

Click the Close button to exit

Close window notice

Confirmation of Completion

You will receive an automated Completion Notification from the Employee Training Center upon successfully completing the training

Sample completion notification

You can also print your transcript or certificate if you would like:

How to Print a Transcript and Certificate

Need More Help?

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