How to Edit your Profile Name

This guide will walk you through editing your Profile Name in Adobe Sign (Adobe Acrobat Sign).

Step 1:

Click on the caret next to your name

Arrow pointing to the name caret

Step 2:

Click on the My Profile option 

Arrow pointing to the My Profile option

Step 3:

Click on the Edit Profile button 

Arrow pointing to Edit Profile button

Step 4:

Click on the Edit Name link 

Arrow pointing to Edit Name link

Step 5:

Click on the Add button 

Arrow pointing to Add button

Step 6:

Add / edit as appropriate

Arrows pointing First name and Last name fields

Step 7:

Click the Save button 

Arrow pointing to Save button

Upon submitted you should get a 'successfully updated' notification

Arrow pointing to Successful update message

You can also verify your edit took effect by viewing the Profile name line

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