AdobeSign Access

Who needs Access?

Typically only the administrator that sends the document out will need access.

The signer does not need to have an AdobeSign account.

Depending on the workflow or processing needs of the form, it may be recommended for other people in the administrator's department to have access.

Requesting Access

Step 1:

If you would like to have access to AdobeSign to send out forms for electronic signature, register for a Adobe Sign training via the Employee Training Center

Step 2:

Attend a AdobeSign Session

The session will cover:

  • Access
  • Requirements
  • How to navigate AdobeSign
  • Prepare and Send a Document
  • Document Management
  • Best Practices

Access will be granted after attending the training. You will be notified when your access is ready

Once you have access you are ready to send documents for signature

AdobeSign Login and Send a Document