AdobeSign Login and Send a Document


These Login instructions are for user accounts that have been created from attending an IT AdobeSign Session. 

Step 1:

Go to

Pointing to URL

Step 2:

Enter in your email and password

Remember:  This password is different from your CSUF campus password

Pointing to Email and Password fields

Step 3:

Click the Sign In button

Pointing to Sign In button

The screen will refresh to the AdobeSign dashboard

SSO Login

You will be notified if you are able to login to AdobeSign via SSO. If you have not been specifically notified, please login using the method above.

Step 1:

Go to

Step 2:

Under Sign In To Your Account, click the Sign In button

Step 3:

You may be asked to authenticate by singing in using your campus login information

Send a Document

Step 4:

Click the Send Tab

Upload Document

Step 9:

There are two ways to upload a document:

1. Clicking on the Add Files link or

2. Dragging the file into the Drag & Drop Files Here box


Step 11:

To set a deadline, click on the Completion Deadline option

Circle highlighting Completion Deadline option

Step 12:

Specify the number of days the recipient has to complete the form

Completion Deadline days field

After you specify the days, the expiration date will show below

Agreement expiration date highlighted

Step 13:

To set a reminder:

1. Click the Set Reminder checkbox

2. Select the frequency

Number 1 highlighting Set Reminder option and number 2 highlighting caret feature

Frequency options include:

  • Every day (please use with discretion)
  • Every week
  • Every business day
  • Every other day
  • Every third day
  • Every fifth

Preview / Add fields

Step 14:

Click on the Preview &  Add Signature Fields checkbox

Preview & Add Signature Fields checkbox

Step 15:

Click on the Next button

Next button

The page will refresh to show your document

Step 16:

In the right-hand side of the screen there is a panel of field options

Click on a caret to expand options

Circle highlighting caret feature

Step 17 (Optional)

Drag and drop a field into place on the form

Highlighting Text Input field option
Arrow pointing to Item field text box

Step 18:

Click on the Signature Fields caret 

Drag and drop Signature into place on the form

Highlight of Signature field option
Arrow pointing to Signature field box

Step 19 (Optional)

Add any other fields as you prefer

Box highlighting other field options: Full name and Date

Before you send, make sure that you have:

  1. Clicked the Preview &  Add Signature Fields and 
  2. Added any fields

Step 20:

Click the Send button 

Arrow pointing to Send button

The screen will refresh to show a confirmation

Highlight the Add Files link and Drag & Drop Files Here Box

Step 10:

When you upload a file it will auto-populate the Agreement Name (Subject)

Document name pointing to Message Agreement Name

To edit the name, click in the field.

Box highlighting Agreement Name
AdobeSign dashboard with Send tab highlighted

The screen will refresh to the Send Page

Step 5:

Enter in the recipient(s) email address(es) and press enter 

You will have the option of entering additional recipients after you have entered at least one signer. 

Step 6 (Optional):

To remove a user click on the X icon that coordinates to their email address

Leave the default authentication setting of Email

Step 7 (Optional)

You can leave a message for an individual recipient by clicking on the Add a Private Message icon

Private message to user pop-up window

Step 8 (Optional)

To add yourself as a signer, click on the Add Me link