Faculty Instructions for Student Withdrawal

The instructions below cover information on how to process (review and submit) the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request. 

Table of Contents

Reviewing the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request

Step 1

Open the email from [email protected], subject: Student Course Withdrawal Request

student course withdrawal request

Step 2

Click on the CSUF portal link

campus emailer

Follow the instructions

campus emailer

Or, click on the View AEM Form link 

campus emailer

Step 3

You will be taken to the Adobe Experience Manager dashboard. Here you will see all Requests that pertain to you. 

Click on the form icon to select the form

Adobe Experience Manager document icon
Adobe Experience Manager

The icon will now show as selected

Selected document

Step 4

Click the Open button to open the request

Open button

Click on Task Details to close side bar (optional for viewing ease).

Task Details link

Step 5

Click through the tabs to review the information provided

Student Course Withdrawal page pointing to tabs
Submitting the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request

Before Submitting, please ensure that you have reviewed the  the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request.

Reviewing the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request

Step 6

Under the Supporting Documents, you may want to add documents relating to the case. 

To add a document:

Click on Task Details  to show side panel (if not already open)

Task Details

Step 6.1

Click on the Attach Files(s) button to upload documents

attach files

The document will show under Task Attachments after it has been uploaded

file attached

Step 6.2

Click Save

save form

Step 7 (Optional)

To remove a document

Click on the X corresponding to the document you want to remove

Step 8

When you have reviewed all of the information provided, Click on the Approval and Signature tab

Student Course Withdrawal page pointing to Approval and Signature tab

Step 9

Scroll down to the Instructor Signature section and fill out the required fields. 

instructor signature

Step 9a

Check the checkbox to indicate that you have completed the review

complete review

Step 9b

Select one of the options below:

  •  Estimated grade at the time of withdrawal
  • No basis for evaluation (no exams or graded assignments) 
grade and attendance

Step 9c

Click the radial dial next to your decision to Approve or Decline the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request


If you select Denial, please indicate the appropriate denial reason from the drop-down list

denial reasons

If you Select 'Other' for a Denial Reason, you will be provided a field to specify the denial reason

specify denial reason

Step 9d

Indicate the appropriate grade in the Grade field


Your Signature and Review Date will auto populate when you indicate that you have completed the review

date last attended

Step 9e

Enter the last date the student attended your class by clicking in the Last Date Student Attended your class field

date last attended

Step 9f

Enter your comments in the Comments field


At any time, you can click the Save button (in the upper left hand corner) to save your progress without Submitting the Request.

Save button

Step 10

When you are ready to submit the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request, click the Send To Chair button     (in the upper left-hand corner)

Send to Chair button
Send to Chair button

Step 11

A Confirm window will pop-up giving you the option of adding comments.

If you are ready, click Confirm

If you do not want to submit the request yet, click Cancel

Confirm window

Reminder:  to save your progress without submitting the request:

  • click the  Cancel button 
  • click on the Save button (in the upper left hand corner)

Step 12

Upon clicking the Confirm button, you will see a Status window indicating the task has been completed.

Click Done

Success window

Need More Help?

For questions or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at:

[email protected]