Grade Change Guide for Chairs

You will receive an email notifying you of a request

request for grade change

Step 1:

Login to the AEM Inbox through either option:

Step 2:

Click on the document icon to select it

Box highlighting document icon

Step 3:

Click on the Open button 

Box highlighting Open button

Step 4:

You can click on the Task Details link to close the optional panel

Box highlighting Task Details button

Step 5:

Review the information in the Grade Change Information section

Box highlighting Grade Change Information

Step 6:

Click on the Signature Tab

Box highlighting Signature Tab

Step 7:

Review the information provided in the Instructors' Signature section 

Box highlighting Instructor's Signature section

Step 8:

Under Dept. Chair's Signature section, check the box to confirm that Grade Change Policy is being followed

Circle highlighting Grading Policy checkbox

Step 9:

Indicate your recommendation by selecting Approval or Denial

Box highlighting Recommend options

Step 10: Optional

Leave comments in the Comments fields

Box highlighting Comments field

Step 11:

Click the Send to Dean button

Box highlighting Send to Dean button

The Send to Dean button will send the request to the Dean's office which will be processed by the appropriate personnel

Step 12:

Add a (optional) comment

Click the Confirm button 

Confirm dialogue box

Step 13:

Click the Done button to exit

Success dialogue box

Need More Help?

For questions or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at:

[email protected]