Petition B - Retroactive Change of Grading Basis

This guides walks you through submitting a Petition, Type B - Retroactive Change of Grading Basis

Step 1:

Log in to the campus portal and select Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms Portal.

View step-by-step instructions on accessing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Step 2:

Click on the 'Airplane' icon that coordinates to Petitions

Arrow pointing to Petition airplane icon

Step 3:

Select the appropriate option

Arrow pointing to selection options

Step 4:

The page will refresh to the Student Information tab

Student Information tab

Indicate the Programs and Term Code


  • Programs: Mathematics
  • Term Code: Spring 2020
Highlight of Programs and Term Code field

Step 5:

Click on the Petition Information tab

Arrow pointing to Petition tab

Step 6:

Read the Fee and Petition information

Arrows pointing to Fee notice and petition change information

Step 7:

Scroll down

Click on the Term Taken drop-down caret

Arrow pointing to Term Taken drop-down caret

Step 8:

Select the appropriate Term Taken option

Arrow pointing to Term Taken options

Step 9:

Select the course you want to petition by checking the coordinating box

Arrow pointing to selection checkboxes

Step 10:

A) Select the appropriate course category

B) Fill in the coordinating information requested (only for the option you selected).

Arrows pointing to coordinating fields

Step 11:

Answer the 'Why' question

Arrow pointing to 'why' question

Step 12:

Click on the Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Arrow pointing to Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Step 13:

Click on the acknowledgement checkbox to 'sign' the document

Arrow pointing to Acknowledgement checkbox

Step 14:

Upon checking the box, your Signature and Date will be populated

Highlight of Signature and Date field populated

Step 15:

Fill in the Expected term of graduation

Example: Spring 2022

Arrow pointing to Expected term of graduation field

Step 16: (Optional)

If you would like to leave a comment, you may do so in the Comment (optional) field

Arrow pointing to  Comment (optional) field

Step 17: 

Click the Supporting Documents tab

Arrow pointing to Supporting Documents tab

Step 18:

To attach a document, click the Attach button

Arrow pointing to Attach button

The attached document will show under the Attach button

Arrow pointing to  attached document

Step 19:

Click the Submit button

Arrow pointing to Submit button

The screen will refresh to show a confirmation window

Submittal confirmation