Petition A - Retroactive Add

This guides walks you through submitting a Petition, Type A - Retroactive Add

Step 1: 

Log in to the campus portal and select Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms Portal.

View step-by-step instructions on accessing Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Step 2:

Click on the Petition airplane icon

Arrow pointing to airplane icon

Step 3:

Click the radio dial for the type of petition you would like to do

Arrow pointing to Petition A option

The page will refresh to the Student Information tab of the Petition

Petition overview

Step 4:

Click on the Petition Information tab

Arrow pointing to Petition Information  tab

Step 5:

Read the Fee information provided

Arrow pointing to Petition information and directions

Step 6: (Optional)

You can click on the Class Number link to verify or get the class number you are interested in petitioning

Arrow pointing to  Class Number link

Step 7:

Click the Term Taken drop-down caret

Arrow pointing to Term Tasks drop down caret

Step 8:

Select the appropriate option

Arrow pointing to Term Taken options

Step 9:

Enter the Class Number in the Scheduled / Class Number field

Reminder: if you are not sure, you can use the Class Number Search link (noted in Step 6)

Arrow pointing to Schedule / Class Number field

The class number will populate the Dept/Course Number and Instructor Name fields

Highlight of fields populated

Step 10: (Optional)

To add another class, click the Add button

Arrow pointing to  Add button

The screen will refresh to show an additional row

Arrow pointing to additional row

You can click the Remove button to remove the row

Step 11:

Scroll down the page, answer the registration period question

Arrow pointing to registration period Question

Check the appropriate box to indicate your answer

Arrow pointing to Question checkboxes

Step 12:

If you answered Yes to the registration question (noted in Step 9), answer the two questions in Section 1

Section 1 questions

Step 13:

If you answered No to the registration question (noted in Step 9), answer the question in Section 2

Section 2 questions

Step 14:

Click the Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Arrow pointing to Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Step 15:

Click the checkbox to 'sign' the form

Arrow pointing to Acknowledgement checkbox

Upon checking the box, the Signature, Date and Expected term of graduation fields will be populated

Arrow pointing to populated signature fields

Step 16: (Optional)

If you would like to leave comments, you may do so in the Comment (optional) field

Arrow pointing to Comment field

Step 17:

Click the Supporting Documents tab

Arrow pointing to Supporting Documents tab

Step 18:

To attach a document, click on the Attach button

Arrow pointing to Attach button

Once uploaded, the document will show under the Attach button

Arrow pointing to attached document link

Step 19:

Click the Submit button

Arrow pointing to the Submit button

The page will refresh to show a submittal confirmation 

Submittal conifrmation