Chair Instructions for Student Withdrawal

The instructions below cover information on how to process (review and submit) the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request.  

Reviewing the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request

Step 1

Open the email from [email protected], subject: Student Course Withdrawal Request

student course withdrawal

Step 2

Click on the CSUF portal link

campus emailer

Follow the instructions

campus emailer

Or, click on the View AEM Form link

campus emailer

Step 3

You will be taken to the Adobe Experience Manager dashboard. Here you will see all Requests that pertain to you. 

Click on the form icon to select the form

AEM dashboard
AEM dashboard

The icon will now show as selected

AEM dashboard

Step 4

Click the Open button to open the request

open form

Click on Task Details to close side bar (optional for viewing ease).

task details

Step 5

Click through the tabs to review the information provided

form tabs
Submitting the Student Workflow Withdrawal Request

Step 1

Click on the Approval and Signature Tab 

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to the Chair Signature Section 

approval and signature tab
chair signature

Step 2

Click on the check box to indicate that you have completed the review

completed review

Step 3

Click on the radio dial of Approval or Denial to reflect your Recommended decision


Step 4

If you selected Denial, please select the appropriate denial reason

Click on the Denial Reasons drop-down to select your choice

denial reasons

If you selected Approval, you will not need to provide a selection in Denial Reasons

Signature and Chair Review Date will auto-populate when you check the complete review checkbox

denied request

Step 5

Provide your comments regarding the request in the Comments box


Step 6

When you are ready to submit, click the Send To ARSC button (at the left-hand top of the page)

send to ARSC
Send to ARSC

Need More Help?

For questions or assistance, please contact the IT Help Desk at:

[email protected]