Request for Excess Units - Undergraduate

This guide show you how to complete the Request for Excess Units - Graduate form.  

Step 1:

Open the form from the Registration and Records web page

Step 2:

The page will open to the Student Information tab with the student's information populated

Request for Excess Units Student Information tab

Step 3:

Click on the Additional Information tab

Arrow pointing to Additional Information tab

Step 4:

Indicate how many units you wish to register for

Arrow pointing to Units wishing to register for field

Step 5:

Indicate your cumulative grade-point average (GPA)

Arrow pointing to Grade-point average field

Step 6:

Enter a reason for the request in Reason for request field

Arrow pointing to Reason for request field

Step 7:

Read the Policy / Procedures Statement

Arrow pointing to Policy / Procedures

Step 8:

Click the Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Arrow pointing to Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Step 9:

Enter the Last Name of your Advisor (the Advisor you are searching for)

Arrow pointing to Enter Last Name field

Step 10:

Click on the Advisor Name drop-down caret

Arrow pointing to Advisor Name drop-down caret

The drop-down list will be populated based on the name you entered in the previous field

Common last names such as 'Jones' will yield many results, so select carefully

Arrow pointing to Advisor Name populated  drop-down options

Names that are not as common will yield fewer results

Arrow pointing to Advisor Name populated option

Step 11:

Check the Signature checkbox to indicate that you have completed the review

Arrow pointing to Signature checkbox

Your (student) signature will populate when box is checked

Highlight of populated Signature

Step 12: (Optional)

Leave any comments in the Comments field

Arrow pointing to Comments field

Step 13:

When you are ready to submit, click the Submit button

Arrow pointing to Submit button