Education Doctorate Program Dissertation Forms

This guide will walk you through sending the following forms for signature via Adobe Acrobat Sign: Dissertation Committee, Proposal Defense, and Final Defense.

These forms are specific to the Education Doctorate Program Department.

Step 1:

Log in to Adobe Acrobat Sign

Enter your email address

Arrow pointing to Email address field

Step 2:

Click on the Continue button 

Arrow pointing to Continue button

Step 3:

Select the Company or School Account option

Arrow pointing to Company or School Account option

The page will refresh to the Adobe Acrobat Sign home page

AdobeSign home screen

Step 4:

Click on the Start from library button 

Arrow pointing to Start from Library button

Step 5:

Click the Templates link

Arrow pointing to Template link

Step 6:

Click in the Search bar to search by document name or number

Example: Dissertation Committee    OR    (1)

Document Name Number
Dissertation Committee (1) (1)
Proposal Defense (2) (2)
Final Defense (3) (3)
Arrow pointing to Search bar

Step 7:

Click on the document to select it

Arrow pointing to selected document

Step 8:

Click on the Start button to begin the process

Arrow pointing to Start button

Step 9:

For all forms, enter your email (as the Chair you are the first signer of the document)

Arrow pointing to Recipient fields

Step 10:

For  the Dissertation Committee form, enter the emails for:

  • Student
  • Director
Arrows highlighting Student and Director signature

For  the Proposal and Final Defense forms, enter the emails for:

  • Faculty
  • Expert
Arrows highlighting Faculty and Expert signatures

Step 11: (Optional)

If you would like you can edit the Message Subject line or message itself

Arrow pointing to Message section

Step 12: (Optional)

You can select one of the options. This will only apply to the form you are currently sending.

More information on Options can be found in: AdobeSign Login and Send a Document

Arrow pointing to Options section

Step 13:

Check the Preview & Add Signature Fields checkbox

Arrow pointing to Preview & Add Signature Fields

Step 14:

Click the Next button 

Arrow pointing to Next button

Step 15:

You can review the review the fields

When you are ready to send the form, click the Sign, then Send button 

Arrow pointing to Sign, then Send

Step 16:

As the first signer the page will refresh to allow you to fill and sign the form

You will be guided through what fields to fill out and sign by the Start flag

Arrow pointing to Start button

Step 17:

Click in the Signature field for signing options and apply your signature.

More information on signatures can be found in: Electronically Signing a Document

Arrow pointing to Signature field


For the Proposal and Final Defense forms, in addition to your signature, you will be required to:

  • attach the rubric you are using for evaluation 
  • check the box to verify you have done so 
Arrows pointing to Rubric field and checkbox

Step 18:

When you are ready to submit the form, click on the Disclosure checkbox

Arrow pointing to Disclosure checkbox

Step 19:

Click on the Click to Sign button 

Arrow pointing to Click to Sign button

Step 20:

AdobeSign will refresh with a 'successfully signed' notification

AdobeSign  Completion notification

You will also get an email notifying you that the form is on it's way to the other signers

AdobeSign email
AdobeSign Out for Signature Notification

Need More Help?

Contact the IT Help Desk at [email protected] or 657-278-7777 for additional assistance.

Include AdobeSign in the subject line