Taking Your Compliance Training Early

If your training(s) are due at the end of the year when things are quite busy, you can always take your training early! 

The following guide will walk you through how to take training(s) early, so you don't have to worry about it in the busy season of November and December!

If your training is due within 60 days or less you can find your training is your - Assigned Learning Tile - Method 1

If your training is due within 61 or more days, you can access trainings via the - Course Link - Method 2

Method 1 - Assigned Learning Tile

If your training is due within 60 days, you can retake your training by following the steps outlined below.

Step 1:

Login to the ETC

Click on the Assigned Learning Tile 

Arrow pointing to the Assigned Learning Tile

Step 2:

Click on the Start button for the training you would like to start

Highlight of the Timeline
Arrow pointing to the Start button

Training Tips and Settings

Please see the following guide for recommended settings to help ensure tracking and completion: Online Training Tips and Recommendations

Need More Help?

Contact the Employee Training Center at: