How to Log In to the ETC (Volunteers)

These guide provides instruction on how Volunteers can log in to the Employee Training Center (ETC) to take assigned training.  

This guide is covering instructions once you have been contacted by Risk Management or Environmental Health and Safety with a login and password.  

Please see the Volunteer Program page on the Risk Management site for more information on the form and program.

Table of Contents

Sign on Through Campus Portal

Step 1: 

Go to the CSUF homepage:

CSUF Portal

Step 2:

Click on the Portal for Students, Faculty and Staff tab 

Arrow pointing to Portal for Students, Faculty and Staff link
Close up of the Portal for Student, Faculty and Staff link

Step 3:

Log in with your Username and Password provided by Risk Management or Environmental Health and Safety (EHS)

Arrow pointing to the Username and Password Log in fields on the CSUF Portal login page.

Step 4:

Click on Apps filter field (left hand side of the screen)

Portal Overview with apps filter field encompassed for emphasis
Arrow pointing to Apps filter field

Step 5:

Type in: ETC

Hit the Enter key

Highlight of 'ETC' typed into Apps filter field with arrow for emphasis

Step 6:

Click the Employee Training Center link

Arrow pointing to Employee Training Center link

Step 7:

The Training and Development (Employee Training Center) page will open

Training and Development web page

Click the ETC Login button

Arrow pointing to ETC Login button

The page will refresh to the Employee Training Center (ETC) Dashboard Homepage

Employee Training Center homepage
Viewing Assigned Training 

Step 1:

From the home page, click on the Assigned Learning box to see training that has been assigned to you.

Arrow pointing to Assigned Learning tile

Step 2:

Any assigned training will show in the main panel

Arrow pointing to populated assigned training

Click the Register button 

Arrow pointing to Register button

Step 3:

Click either the Start Activity button or the Start button to begin

Arrow pointing to Start Activity and Start button
Searching for a Class 

A course may not be assigned to you, but you can still search the system to take it.

Step 1: 

Enter a keyword or title in the search bar

Arrow pointing to Search bar

Step 2:

Click on the course name link

Arrow pointing to Course name link

Step 4:

Click on the Start button to begin the course

Arrow pointing to Start button

Need More Help?

For more help, please contact the Employee Training Center: