Faculty Student Success Dashboard - How to Login

This guide covers information on how to login to the Faculty Student Success Dashboard (FSSD).

How to Login

Login to your Campus Portal

Once you have logged in to the portal go to Titan Online

Click the Titan Online icon

Click on the Titan Online button

Next, to access the Dashboards

Click on the Faculty Dashboard link under the Faculty Self Service Module 

Circle highlighting Faculty Dashboard link

Click on the Dashboards drop-down menu (in the upper right-hand corner)

Select Faculty Student Success

Arrow pointing to Faculty Student Success option

The Screen will refresh to your Faculty Student Success Dashboard

There are nine data / content tabs:

  1. My Current Students
  2. My Student Engagement
  3. My Overview
  4. My Courses
  5. My Courses Comparison
  6. My Students
  7. My Equity Gap
  8. My Graded Class List/SOQ
  9.  Resources