Faculty Student Success Dashboard - My Courses

This article covers information and navigation instructions for the My Overview Tab

Specifying Terms

Step 1

Select Term Desc by clicking on the drop-down menu

Click on the term you would like to select (Example: Fall 2017)

Term desc drop-down menu

Step 2 

Select the Class(es) by clicking on the Class dropdown menu

Click the  checkbox corresponding to the class(es) you would like data for

Step 3

Click Apply to see data

Arrow pointing to Apply button

My Course Tab Content

Box A is My Course Information

This provides a Instructor and Course snapshot

Box B is Course GPA

This is a graphical representation of the Course GPA (for the terms that you selected)

Box C is Repeat Eligible Students

This is a graphical representation of repeat eligible students 

Following the campus' definition and requirements, these are students who are eligible to take the class again (if they choose).

Box D is Grade Distribution

This is a graphical representation of Grade distributions according to your selections of Term and Class(es)

The terms (key) can also be seen to the right of the graph