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Faculty Student Success Dashboard - My Opportunity Gap

The My opportunity Gap page allows you to view your class data according to various opportunity gap categories.

Step 1

Select the term description(s) you would like to see

Term Desc drop-down menu

Step 2

Select the appropriate Class(es) you would like to see data for

Class drop-down menu


Select the Major at Entry and/or Lastest Major

Step 3

Click the Apply button

You can click the Reset button to clear your settings

The graph below will update, however there is one more drop-down to select

Step 4

Click the View By drop-down list to select a category

Arrow pointing to View By dropdown

You will have the option of viewing data by:

  • Underrepresented
  • Sex
  • Pell
  • EOP
  • Parent level Education
  • Ethnicity

See Data Definitions Tab for more details about the categories