How To Exit An Online Training

This guide covers how to exit an online training to ensure it records successfully onto your transcript.

Step 1:

Before you exit your training, please make sure the training tracking page is open.

Keep it open until you exit out of your training.

Training tracking page

Note: If you close this page, your training will not record your completion onto your transcript.

Step 2:

Make sure you have played the training for the full length of its duration by checking the time and video player marker.

Step 3:

Click the X on the top-right corner of the window to exit out of your training.

Arrow pointing to X on training window

Step 4:

After exiting your training, check the Topic Status of your training on the Learning Activity Progress Detail page.

Topic Status should be:

  • Passed (if you received a passing score on the quiz), or
  • Completed

Step 5:

Now select on the OK to close the Learning Activity Progress Detail page. 

Please refer to the How To Print a Certificate guide to learn how to print your certificate.