How To Emulate a User

This guide covers how to emulate (act as) a user to view their assigned trainings, transcript, and other relevant actions.

Step 1:

Start on the Employee Training Center dashboard.

Click on the Search icon.

Step 2:

The screen will refresh to the Search page.

Click the dropdown menu and select People.

Step 3:

Type the name of the user you want to emulate into the Search field.

Highlighted search field

Step 4:

Search results will populate on a new page.

Click on the dropdown button next to Preview.

Step 5:

Select Emulate Employee.

Step 6:

You will then be emulating the employee, which is indicated by the Eye icon.

You can now view the employee's assigned trainings, transcript, and register for activities.

Arrow pointing to Eye icon

Note: When in Emulation Mode, you cannot launch an employee's training.

Step 7:

To exit, click the Eye icon again.

Arrow pointing to eye icon

Step 8:

Click Exit Emulation when you are finished emulating the user.

Arrow pointing to Exit Emulation