Grade Change Guide for Instructors

Step 1:

Login to the Campus Portal

Logging into the Campus Portal

Step 2:

Under Faculty Self Service, click the Grade Change Form link

Titan Online Dashboard View highlight Grade Change Form link
Box highlighting the Grade Change Form link

Upon opening, the form will auto-populate with the following information:

  • Term
  • Instructor CWID
  • Instructor Name
  • Department Code

Step 3:

Utilize the drop-down menu to select:

  1. Class & Course Name
  2. Section Number
Highlighting Class & Course Name and Section Number fields

The Class Number and Course Name will populate based on selections

Highlighting CLass Number and Course Name populated field

Step 4:

Enter in Student CWID

Click the Search Records button

Box highlighting Student CWID field

OR click the Search Records button

Box highlighting Search Records button

Clicking the Search Records button without entering a Student CWID may take a few moments to yield results,  as it will bring up all students registered for the selected course.

Step 5:

Under Grade Change Information, indicate if you want to select all students

Box highlighting Section option

Step 6:

Select applicable student(s) by checking the box that coordinates with their name

Box highlighting checkbox to select student(s)
Box highlighting selected checkbox

Step 7:

Click the New Grade drop-down menu

Highlighting New Grade drop-down menu

Select appropriate new grade

Box highlighting New Grade options

Step 7:

Click the Reason drop-down menu

Circle highlighting Reason drop-down menu

Select appropriate option

Box highlighting Reason options

Step 8: Optional

Leave a comment in the Comments field

Box highlighting Comments field

Step 9:

Click the Submit button

Box highlighting Submit button

You will get a confirmation screen upon submitting

Submittal confirmation screen

Need More Help?

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