Grade Change Guide for Instructors

Step 1:

Login to the Campus Portal

Logging into the Campus Portal

Step 2:

Under Faculty Self Service, click the Grade Change Form link

Box highlighting the Grade Change Form link

Upon opening, the form will auto-populate with the following information:

  • Term
  • Instructor CWID
  • Instructor Name
  • Department Code

Step 3:

Utilize the drop-down menu to select:

  1. Class & Course Name
  2. Section Number

The Class Number and Course Name will populate based on selections

Step 4:

Enter in Student CWID

Click the Search Records button

OR click the Search Records button

Clicking the Search Records button without entering a Student CWID may take a few moments to yield results,  as it will bring up all students registered for the selected course.

Step 5:

Under Grade Change Information, indicate if you want to select all students

Step 6:

Select applicable student(s) by checking the box that coordinates with their name

Box highlighting checkbox to select student(s)

Step 7:

Click the New Grade drop-down menu

Select appropriate new grade

Step 7:

Click the Reason drop-down menu

Select appropriate option

Step 8: Optional

Leave a comment in the Comments field

Step 9:

Click the Submit button

You will get a confirmation screen upon submitting

Need More Help?

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