Incomplete (I) Grade

Initiating Incomplete - Faculty

Upon opening, the Term & Year will populate

Step 1:

Click on the Class & Course Name drop down field

Step 2:

Select the appropriate Class

Step 3:

The following fields will populate based on your selection:

  • Schedule Number
  • Units
  • Class Number
  • Department/Course Number

Step 4:

Enter the student's Campus Wide ID (CWID)

Step 5:

The following fields will populate based on your entry:

  • Student Name
  • Address
  • Student Email

Step 6:

Click on the Grade Information Tab

Step 7:

Click on the drop down caret

Step 8:

Select the appropriate grade

Step 9:

Select the incomplete reason from the options available

Step 10:

Provide an explanation of the specific requirements

Step 11:

Type or click on the calendar icon to select a date

You can click on the arrows to change the month shown

Step 12:

Click on the Supporting Documents tab

Step 13:

Read the attachment specifications

Step 14:

Click on the Attach button

The attachment will show under the Attach button 

Step 15:

Click on the Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Step 16:

Read the Acknowledgement statement

Step 17:

Check the Acknowledgement box

The Instructor's Signature will populate upon checking the box

Step 18: (Optional)

If you would like, leave comments in the Comments field

Step 19:

When you are ready, click the Submit button

The screen will refresh

Student Processing

You will receive an email from:

email address:

subject: "Incomplete(I) Grade"

Arrow pointing to email address

Step 1:

Click on the Review and Sign button

Step 2:

Click on the Start tab

Step 3:

Click in the Signature field to sign the document

Signing Options (expand to see signing option instructions)

Select one of the signing types to sign the document

A) Type

B) Draw

C) Image

D) Mobile

A) Type

The name will populate upon selection

You can edit the name by clicking on the name

B) Draw

You can 'draw' your signature using your mouse

Arrow pointing to Draw signature option

If you want to clear you signature, click the Clear link

Arrow pointing to Clear link

C) Image

The image option will let you upload a signed signature

Arrow pointing to Image signature option

To upload a signed signature:

Click on the Select image link

Upload any jpeg image of a signature

Arrow pointing to Select image link

D) Mobile

Mobile option will let you sign via a phone

Arrow pointing to Mobile signature option

To sign via mobile:

Enter your phone number

Arrow pointing to highlight of phone number field

Click the Send button

Upon clicking the send button you will receive a prompt via your phone to sign

Arrow pointing to Send button

Whichever method you choose, click Apply to select your signature type

Arrow pointing to Apply button

Your signature will populate in the document once you click Apply

Highlight of signed populated on form

Step 4:

Click the Terms of Use checkbox

Arrow pointing to  Terms of Use checkbox

Step 5:

Click on the Click to Sign button

Step 6: (Optional)

Click the download a copy link to download a copy of the signed agreement

download copy agreement

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