Faculty Student Success Dashboard - Resources

Resources Tab

The Resources page offers a variety of resources and information. See below for additional information. 

Section A:

You can click on any of the resources for additional information.

The Equity Mindedness by EAB link is highlighted as an example of a selection

Section B:

The Dashboard Guide offers you resources such as a pdf, instructional guides and videos

Section C:

The Help and Support section provides support contact information

All email addresses are links


The ChatBot is a search feature that is available on all tabs. To utilize the FSSD Bot, follow the instructions below

Step 1:

Click on the FSSD Bot button

The ChatBot will open

FSSD Bot screen

Step 2: (Optional)

Click on any pre-listed question to see answer

Arrow pointing to question in FSSD bot

Step 3: (Optional)

Type in your FSSD related questions into the blank question field

Arrow pointing to question field in FSSD bot

Click the Submit 'arrow' Icon

Arrow pointing to Submit button in FSSD bot