Title IX CSU'S Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program

This guide covers tips and topics related to CSU's Sexual Misconduct Prevention Program (also referred to as Title IX).

Before you Start

For successful completion of online training, it is recommended to: 

  1. Use the Chrome browser
  2. Clear your Cache and Cookies
  3. Leave your training window open during training

Please see the Online Training Tips and Recommendations guide for additional instructions

Launching the Training

Step 1:

Click on the Assigned Learning tile

Step 2:

Click on the Register button

Step 3:

The screen will refresh with a Congratulations notice, letting you know that you have successfully registered

The Gender Equity in Education (Course) is the 'Title IX' course requirement

Step 4:

Click Start button for Gender Equity in Education when you are ready to begin

Need More Help?

Assignment questions:

Technical questions:

Employee Training Center employeetrainingcenter@fullerton.edu