Staff Admissions Appeal

This guide covers instructions for the Admissions Appeal process including student and staff instructions.

Student Initiates Form

Step 1:

Go to the Admissions Appeals web page

Click on the Appeal Now button

Appeal button

Step 2:

Verify application information including your status

Step 3: (Optional)

Indicate your personal email

Step 4:

Click on the Reason for the Appeal tab

Step 5:

Select the reasons for the appeal from either section:

  • Admission Decision
  • Missed Deadline

Step 6:

Click on the Appeal Statement tab

Step 7:

Indicate your reason for Appeal

Step 8:

Click on the Supporting Documents tab

Step 9:

Read the note regarding supporting documents requirements

Step 10:

Click the Attach button to add your transcripts

The attached document will show under the Attach button

Step 11: (Optional)

Click on the Attach button to add any additional supporting documentation

Attached document(s) will show under the Attach button

Step 12:

Click on the Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Step 13:

Read the Acknowledgement statement

Step 14:

Click on the Acknowledgement checkbox

Your name and date will populate when you check the acknowledgement box

Step 15:

Click on the Submit button

Shortly after submission, you will receive a confirmation email

Submittal email
Staff Processing

You will receive a notification of a submitted Appeal Form

Appeals Team email

Step 1:

Access the AEM Inbox

Arrow pointing to AEM inbox link

Step 2:

Click on the document icon for the form you want to view

Arrow pointing to document icon

Step 3:

Once selected, click on the Open button

Arrow pointing to Open button

Step 4:

Click the Proceed button to assign the form to yourself

Step 5: (Optional)

Click Task Details link to close side panel for ease of view

Step 6:

Click through each of the tabs to review the information the student submitted

Step 7:

Click on the Signature and Acknowledgement tab

Step 8:

Click on the acknowledgement check box

Your signature and date will populate upon selecting checkbox

Step 9:

Indicate your decision of Approve or Deny and fill out any additional fields

Arrow pointing to Recommend options
Approve Options

Approval Decisions:

Select the appropriate Approval Decision


Indicate any conditions (if applicable)

Deny Options

Select the appropriate Denial Decision

Missed Intent to Enroll WAPP/WNOR

There are no additional fields for this selection

Missed Document Deadline WAPP/WINC or WFNC

There are no additional fields for this selection

Missing A-G DENY/CSU

Indicate Subject and Semester(s) the student is lacking in


Indicate Student GPA

Less than 60 Units DENY/CSU

Indicate Units completed

Missing Golden Four DENY/CSU

Select subject student is Golden Deficient in

Step 10: (Optional)

Add comment(s)

Step 11:

After selection is made, click the Submit button

Step 12: (Optional)

Enter a comment

Step 13:

Click the Confirm button

Arrow pointing to Confirm button

Step 14:

Click the Done button

Arrow pointing to Done button

A decision email will be sent to the student 

Need More Help?

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