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Faculty Student Success Dashboard - My Graded Class List/SOQ

The My Graded Class List/SOQ page covers Student Opinion Questionnaires (SOQ) summary information and grade breakdowns by percentage.

Step 1:

Login to the Faculty Student Success Dashboard

The Graded List link and Faculty Student Success Dashboard link found in Titan Online will take you to the Faculty Student Success Dashboard.

Step 2:

From the Faculty Student Success Dashboard, click on the My Graded List/SOQ tab

Step 3:

Click the drop-down caret and select the appropriate Term

Term drop down menu

Step 4:

Click the Apply button

Arrow pointing to Apply button

The data will refresh to reflect Term selection

A: Grading Summary

B: Graph of selected data

To print or export this information

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page
  • Click the Print link OR
  • Click the Export link
Arrow pointing to Refresh, Print and Export links

SOQ Report

Step 5:

Click on the SOQ Report link

Arrow pointing to SOQ Report link

Step 6:

Click on the PDF icon for any file you would like to see

The page will refresh to show the Student Opinion Questionnaires